And a day early might I add! It was a week too late to present to the class but I don’t really mind. I am SO happy with how it looks. I am… Continue reading


Sent the book off to Momento today! Overall I’m happy with how the final layout has turned out. Problems – Momento’s template is not really set up as a double page spread with… Continue reading

Final photos

A few shots of the final food photos with their recipes. The font I’m using is called ‘Mossy’. I’ve put little anecdotes for each recipe, I think the family will appreciate the humour.

Story Pages

The layout for Nonna’s life story and journey to Australia is now finalised. Here are the first few pages of section 1 of the book.


Had a shoot at Aunty Chee’s place and learned how to make her spring rolls and fried rice. For some reason everytime she fries the spring rolls they come out with little burnt… Continue reading

Momento Pro!

I emailed Momento to see how to go about creating my book using their program and if I could use InDesign instead and received this reply: Momento do actually have a Momento Pro… Continue reading

Blurb Layout

I was given feedback about my layout thus far. Phil advised me to make it more simple ie. having 1 photo on a page, and block of text with white background on the… Continue reading

First Photoshoot

I had my first photoshoot at home today. Mum and I cooked 3 traditional italian snack foods – grilled capsium (pipi), nannata fritters and fried white bait. I set up an area on… Continue reading

Blurb book decisions

Specifications Large Square book: 30cm x 30xcm Front panel size: 30.25cm x 30.48cm Trimmed pages: 30.16cm x 29.85cm Hard cover, image wrap (no flaps) Four-colour printing Proline white endsheets Cost: Around $45-$65 depending… Continue reading


A family heritage book compiled of • Recipes my late grandmother (Nonna) taught us with photos and sketches • Family history and photos • Recipes from the current generation of the Campisi Family.… Continue reading

Blurb Swatch kit

good news, a COFA old boy works at, phil gave me his contact details and i emailed him about paper samples. they arrived today, moments before my presentation!   proline uncoated seems… Continue reading

i found a site called a while ago through a facebook ad funnily enough. they do one-off books and binding etc and seem to be reasonably priced. i downloaded their program booksmart… Continue reading

Family Gathering and Trial

had a family gathering on the weekend, mum’s attempt of nonna’s pumpkin patties didn’t quite work out.. gonna be a big project to get right! we did however make gnocchi and I got… Continue reading


after a lot of emails back and forth with my extended family i’ve got a concrete list of recipes going! Entree type dishes/italian delicasies – Chilli in oil – Pickled Eggplant and capsium… Continue reading

Dear Cousins, Aunts & Uncles…

Subject: Campisi Recipes For a while I’ve been wanting to get a book printed for anyone that wants a copy, of a collection of Nonna’s recipes that we have gathered over the years.… Continue reading

Idea change!

something i’ve thought about doing for a while – family heritage book/cook book based mainly on my late grandmother’s life and recipes as well as recipes from other members of the family. ately… Continue reading

Interactive websites

Monoface Mono is an advertising agency based in Minneapolis, MN that lives by the motto that “simpler is better.” The “Mono” face site lives up to that motto by presenting visitors with a fun… Continue reading

Major work ideas

– a series of websites for actual businesses – website and marketing/advertising scheme (posters, stickets, flyers etc) for an imaginary “cause” or organisation – possible collaborative project??? – viral marketing, viral advertising, or… Continue reading